Tikkun Olam

tikkunJudaism teaches us the importance of tikkun olam, or mending the world. For many, that concept involves volunteering to relieve human suffering, care for the earth or raising awareness on a variety of different issues. Volunteering with children is a great way to help them learn about the importance of tzedakah (charity) and performing mitzvot (kind deeds). Helping your children believe in their own ability to impact the world around them is an important first step. Teaching them that they have the power to make a difference by working together as a family, or as a community, is a lesson that can develop into a lifelong habit of helping others. Volunteering also provides children with the opportunity to remember what they have to be thankful for. 


Annual Blood Drive
Each year we organize Cedar Sinai’s “bloodmobile” to come to Mishkon. It is a mitzvah to help save a life. Anyone in the community is welcome to stop by and give blood. This year’s blood drive will take place during our lively Purim Festival.

Mishkon Family Mitzvah Day  
This is a joyous opportunity for the entire family to come together and give back to our community.  In the past, we engaged in the following activities:

  • Toiletries for a women’s shelter.  Please bring new and unopened items that we will package for women living in a shelter.
  • Operation Gratitude.  Bring your leftover Halloween candy.  We will make cards and create care packages for the troops.
  • BookEnds. Please donate children’s books of excellent quality to create libraries in schools and youth organizations in underserved areas.  www.bookends.org.
  • Tzedakah boxes.  We will decorate boxes that the children will then bring home and use to collect their tzedakah.