Hazak is Mishkon’s dynamic group for people 60 and older.   The name stands for “wisdom, age and forward,” a perfect description of Mishkon’s Hazak members.  Members pay special attention to the needs of seniors in the congregation.  The group hosts a variety of interesting activities, including outings to local sites and events.  Members also enjoy pot-luck lunches and holiday celebrations and sometimes host events with the congregation. Hazak also sponsors a yearly Shabbat morning service with creative presentations about the Torah portion.  The service is followed by a delicious kiddush lunch.  Yearly dues are $18 for a single and $25 for a couple. Marilyn Lewitt is the the chair, and Hadassah Gourarie is the co-chair of the group. They would love to have you attend their next event.

To download a Hazak Membership Dues Form, please click here http://mishkon.org/wp-content/uploads/2015/01/Hazak-Dues-Form.pdf

For information, contact Hadassah Gourarie at the main office at (310) 392-3029.