Shabbat Morning Liturgy

A Prayer for the 
Conclusion of Chemotherapy
God of all flesh, Creator of death and life, sickness and health,
It is not so easy to thank you for sustaining me through the trials of illness.  I have witnessed the ravages of disease and known the fear of extinction. I have been stabbed and prodded, cut and sewn up, infused with noxious drugs and probed with burning radiation. I was frightened by thoughts of loss and oblivion, and felt bereft of your presence.  I was a witness to pain, my own and others, and shared the grief of friends and family of those who did not survive.
Yet here I stand – still facing the unknown but not so frightened anymore.  I have known the love of those dear to me and have learned to cherish them more deeply than ever.  
You have taught me to number my days and measure my life not in time but in spirit.  When I did not know where to find strength, you sustained my courage.
I know it is not for my sins that I suffered illness, and not for my merits that I have emerged alive and growing stronger.  I am humbled by what I have been shown and cannot comprehend.  I ask you be near me in the days to come, and allow me to find strength in your love.
Bless my family and friends for their devotion and presence. Let me be a source of love when they are in need.
Bless the caregivers whose skill sustained me. Bless the doctors, nurses, orderlies, social workers, their families and their teachers. I thank you for guiding their hands. Let my deeds also bring healing to others.
You give life to the worthy and unworthy, and strength to all who seek you.  Blessed are you, Adonai, my God, who heals all flesh and does unimaginable wonders.

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