Adult Education

Adult edThis is going to be an AMAZING year for Adult Education. Please check the calendar for the dates of these events:

  • Most Saturdays, after Kiddush, Adult Education sponsors Mishkon member Jeff Fleck’s “A Rashi Moment.” Jeff discusses the weekly parasha using Rashi’s commentary as a primary source.

  • On other Saturdays, Rabbi Botnick and featured guest speakers do shiurs. Programs have featured Rabbi David Stein, Michele Prince, former director of the Kalsman Institute on Judaism and Health. 

  • Interfaith Speaker in Conjunction with Martin Luther King, Jr. Day
  • Poetry Workshop
  • Shabbat Across America with a guest speaker
  • Israel Independence Day Celebration with the Religious School
  • Yiddish Collage Speaker and Program, a Hazak event, sponsored by Jane Luna-Reiger


Carol V. Davis, Sandy Helman, Chana Bell, and Phil Bell are active members of the Adult Education Committee. If you would like to join the committee, please phone the Mishkon office at (310) 392-3029 or e-mail Phil Bell at