Our President

Melissa Tarsky lives in Santa Monica and is, mostly, a stay-at-home mum to her two daughters. She also helps her husband with his business, volunteers at the girls’ school and has a number of other side-projects. Melissa moved from Southwestern Ontario (Canada) to Southern California in 1994 (on the day of OJ’s slow speed chase) and has lived in Santa Monica since 2004. She plans never to leave because she loves the walkability of the neighborhood and the easy access to the beach.

Melissa still uses a land-line, has the daily newspaper delivered and reads books in print. However, she is a spreadsheet maven and is responsible for all IT issues at her house. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Mathematics and Statistics and an MBA. She is certain that her involvement in USY as a teen is the reason why she is now the President of Mishkon. Her email is president@mishkon.org.


Executive Committee Officers:

Board of Directors: 

To contact a board member, please email board@mishkon.org.

  • Phil Bell 
  • Carol V. Davis
  • Carol Felixson 
  • Naomi Zimmermann
  • Murray Kalis
  • Michael Kirschbaum 
  • Itai Klein 
  • Rosalind Silver 
  • Richard Rosen
  • Judy Gordon, Immediate Past President 

Committee Chairs/Coordinators:

To contact a committee chair, please email committee@mishkon.org.

  • Adult Education – Phil Bell 
  • Barbara’s Book Club – Rena Panush, Robin Hoehler
  • Bikkur Cholim/Chesed – Donna Malamud
  • Building & Grounds – Johanna Schmidt, Spencer Rosenheck
  • Cemetery Plots – Itai Klein
  • Communications – Carol Felixson, Cindy Goldstein 
  • Fundraising – Board of Directors
  • Kiddush Lunch – Andy Bender, Rena Panush 
  • Membership – Michele Prince, Murray Kalis, Carole Stein
  • Preschool Liaison – Naomi Zimmermann
  • Religious School Liaison – Michael Kirschbaum
  • Security – Spencer Rosenheck, Johanna Schmidt
  • Social Action – Michele Prince
  • Strategic Planning – Itai Klein, Spencer Rosenheck
  • Tephila – Jeff Gornbein 
  • Webmaster – Office Staff

Shabbat Coordinators

Shabbat Coordinators are responsible each week for assigning honors such as aliyot, scheduling those who volunteer to lead parts of the service, and dealing with special requests. There is a different coordinator each Shabbat and holiday.  If you would like an honor or wish to lead a part of the service on a particular day, contact the coordinator for that day.  If you have scheduled an honor and would like to reschedule it, the coordinator for that day is the best person to contact. 

Please contact Jeff Gornbein at the main office at (310) 392-3029 with questions. Click Here to View the Current Shabbat Coordinator Schedule.